What I Look For In A Company

Hopefully, this page will help you get to know me a little better, and help us both judge if your company and I would be a good fit.

First and foremost, I seek to work at places and projects where I am a force multiplier: working on things that make others more effective or efficient. I want to help others work better. I feel most comfortable working on tools that help other developers, but this isn’t a hard requirement.

I also prefer companies that are remote-friendly. Physical location matters less for developers, and if a company can support multiple offices, it can support people working from anywhere.

Companies that invest in and contribute to open source are also preferable. Using open source software is well and good, but disallowing developers from fixing bugs upstream is counter to the spirit, and ultimately inefficient. Better to fix the problems where they occur. Bonus points if your company makes open source contributions easy to find.

Similarly, companies that try to reduce tech debt are awesome. Sometimes things aren’t done perfectly because of deadlines or learning - that’s ok! But it’s only ok if developers are given the room to go back and ensure their work is still maintainable for the future.

Personally, I like variety in what I work on, but not frequent context switching. I work better if I change projects on the scale of weeks or days as opposed to changing projects every few hours. By the same token, I tend to get bored if I work on a single project for too long.

You can find my resume in PDF and text formats. I have some public projects on GitHub, and you can see my activity with OpenStack

I’m available via email.